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Calming Strategies for Small Spaces

With the temperature changing, the sun setting earlier, and holidays around the corner, many of us begin to experience increased stress and fatigue. Implementing quick and simple strategies for calming and alerting will help us make it through the day successfully. Here are just a few quick tips for you and your little ones!

-Try making a fist and squeezing tightly several times.

-Push your hands (palms facing one another) together.

-Push your knees together while sitting.

-Shrug your shoulders (raise them up and down) several times.

-Push against a wall.

-Chair push-ups (Use your arms to lift your bottom from your chair.)

-Take a deep breath and count down from 10 .

-Use deep pressure for calming (hugs, wrapping in a blanket).

-Use quick, brisk, touch to arms and back for alerting.

-Adults and older children can use sugar-free chewing gum (monitor your child for safety).