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Caregiver-Therapist Collaboration is Key to Effective Intervention

In recent years, a positive shift has occurred from the therapist being the expert and “prescriber” to a more collaborative approach. Caregivers and therapists are working together to ensure the child is engaging in meaningful activities that are relevant to the child and family’s routines and priorities.

The shift to a therapeutic partnership acknowledges that each member of the child’s team has expertise to share. Additionally, the teaming process allows for improved caregiver engagement, inclusion of family values and perspectives, joint problem solving, and on-going reflection to ensure progress.

Recent research studies consider collaboration of caregiver and therapist as best practice with improved therapeutic outcomes documented.

Ways to improve collaboration with your child’s therapist:

  • ask questions
  • give frequent updates
  • attend child’s appointments consistently
  • follow-through with joint plan
  • provide feedback on whats working or not working
  • provide details, no matter how big or small
  • share concerns and priorities for your child