Our Senses

Sensations are received from outside the body as well as inside the body. The sensations received from the outside of the body are commonly known, however the sensations we receive from inside the body are often not considered. When the body and all of the senses work together the capacity for learning and adaptation are greatest. Trained therapists at Integration Station can assist in the understanding of the senses and the impact they may be having on your child.

Sensations Received from Outside the Body:

Sight – Visual Sense
Sound – Auditory Sense
Taste – Gustatory Sense
Smell – Olfactory Sense
Touch – Tactile Sense

Sensations Received from Inside the Body:

Position of Body – Proprioceptive Sense
Gravity, Head Movement, Balance – Vestibular Sense
Pressure or Pain of Internal Organs – Visceral Sense