Half-Day Summer Camp

Did you know?

On average, children lose 2 months of knowledge during the summer…

Research says physical fitness levels also take a hit…

Our children need a break from the school routine, however taking part in quality learning opportunities during the summer months can fundamentally change their long-term success.

Summer is the time to engage our children in exploratory play and adventure.

Enhance Your Child’s Summertime Fun by

Enrolling in the Half-Day Sensational Summer Camp!!

The Half-Day Sensational Summer Camp combines Social Skills, Handwriting with Fine Motor Skills, and Feeding Programs for Picky Eaters into one Camp.

Building Friendships

The programs are packed full of fun and creativity, while enhancing necessary skills that boost success!

Explore the programs within each session…then register by choosing which session works for your family this summer!

Food Fun

Enroll in the Half-Day Summer Camp and Save $200.00!!

COST: $700.00 for Two-weeks (includes snacks and lunch)

TIME: 8:30 am – 12:00 pm


SESSION 1: Monday-Friday, June 15-26, 2020.       Appropriate for Most Children 4-6 years.

SESSION 2: Monday-Friday, July 6-17, 2020.          Appropriate for Most Children 6-10 years.

SESSION 3: Monday-Friday, July 20-31, 2020.        Appropriate for Most Children 4-6 years.               

SESSION 4: Monday-Friday, August 3-14, 2020.    Appropriate for Most Children 6-10 years.