Rachel Tucker

Administrative Assistant

Rachel Tucker

Rachel Tucker is dedicated to assisting each and every family at Integration Station. She is the first point of contact for our families and manages several of the day to day operations including billing and client accounts.

Rachel understands firsthand the hard-work that is needed when raising a child that is differently-abled. As a parent, she knows that every family experiences highs and lows, great accomplishments and times of struggle. Rachel uses her experiences to help others by reassuring and empowering them. Her goal is to make each family feel comfortable at IS and let them know that we are all here to help. She wants each family to know, that the minute they walk through the door at IS, there is no judgement and they are safe.

Rachel enjoys interacting with the children at IS and their families, watching them play…learn…grow.

In her spare time, Rachel cherishes the time spent with her family. She likes to read, travel and be crafty…she is the QUEEN at creating gift baskets.