Why OT?

What is OT?

Occupational therapy is a science-driven profession whose mission is to enable people of all ages to live life to its fullest.

Pediatric occupational therapists are skilled in the evaluation and treatment of children. They facilitate children’s growth and development so that they may be successful in the occupation of childhood. The pediatric occupational therapist uses a child-directed approach to intervention while improving areas such as play, learning, social interaction, and activities of daily living including feeding, dressing, and grooming.

Why OT?

Children develop at different rates with some acquiring skills later than their peers. They may need additional time and support to develop skills such as crawling, jumping, climbing on the playground, coloring with a crayon, imitating simple shapes, tolerating messy play, following sequenced directions, attending during circle time, or socializing with peers.

Children who experience delays in skill acquisition or who struggle with regulation of behaviors and emotions often go undetected until they are in the pre-school years or even later. Through skilled Pediatric Therapy Services (OT), these challenges may be addressed thereby increasing the child’s success and improving the family’s dynamics. Occupational therapists can identify those areas which are impacting your child’s success and implement intervention techniques in addition to home programming which will support the child’s development.