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Maximizing Your Child's Potential

Updated Response To COVID-19


To protect patients, staff, and the community at large, our office has determined it is in the best interest to discontinue face-to-face services and transition to Telehealth. Therapists will be reaching out to all families in the coming days to discuss Telehealth services and setup appointment times. Although it may look a bit different, we will continue to deliver quality therapy services, ensuring that your child achieves their milestones. Thank you for allowing us to continue in your family’s journey and for your understanding during this time of swift change.

May Your Family Be Healthy and Safe,

Nicole Cyphert, CEO

COVID-19 Sanitation, Health and Safety Procedure


  • IS Staff will THOROUGHLY wash hands IMMEDIATELY UPON ENTRY OF ANY BUILDING (Clinic, Daycare, School, Home)
  • IS Staff will THOROUGHLY wash hands PRIOR to and FOLLOWING EACH client
  • IS Staff will don gloves following handwashing and PRIOR to working with EVERY client
  • GLOVES will be used for one client ONLY, may be changed during session when necessary
  • IS Staff will ensure client washes hands prior to and at conclusion of session
  • IS Staff will disinfect treatment area following EACH client
  • IS Staff will disinfect equipment used with clients in real-time, place items in designated bin, clean items t/o day
  • IS Staff requests that caregivers inform office of their arrival for the appointment via phone and wait in their car until IS Staff picks up client
  • Parents and caregivers may reside in their vehicle or take a walk outside during the session to promote Social Distancing, exception: caregiver that must reside in the room for safety
  • IS Staff will walk client out to car after session
  • IS Staff will sanitize common areas hourly during business hours to include:
    • Inside/outside door handles/frames
    • All light switches
    • All chairs
    • Sign-in Pen
    • Waiting area table
    • Sink basin and faucet
    • Toilet
    • Bathroom storage cabinet
  • IS Staff will notify Company immediately of any illness (fever, sore throat, diarrhea) and will not be eligible to return to work until such time they are deemed well
  • IS Staff will deny services to any client/family demonstrating illness or reporting illness within the past 48 hours, or potentially exposed to COVID-19

Cordially, Nicole Cyphert, CEO



We realize that there are many questions surrounding COVID-19 and want to ensure you that we are taking the necessary precautionary measures to ensure your child and family’s health while receiving services through Integration Station. 

Although Integration Station has always placed strong emphasis on our cleaning and sanitation procedures, during the past two weeks we have increased the precautionary steps taken in order to protect the health, safety and well-being of our clients and staff. We have increased the rigor of sanitation practices among our staff and facilities to include frequent and prolonged hand washing, frequent cleaning of equipment and disinfection of high-contact areas.

Additionally, we ask that you take personal responsibility in ensuring that your child and family are taking reasonable precaution to prevent unnecessary exposure and spread of illness.

Steps to Take:

-Increased frequency and attention to hand washing- washing hands prior to and following sessions, after sneezing or coughing, and when entering/exiting a building

-Avoiding close contact with people who are sick

-Staying home if child or family member has experienced a fever within the past 24 hours

-Staying home if child or family member is experiencing signs of illness

-Informing Integration Station of illness or exposure to COVID-19 prior to scheduled appointment

Integration Station will continue to deliver therapy services and make reasonable accommodations to do so. We will continue to monitor the situation closely and follow CDC and governmental authority guidelines. Only as a last resort, will we close if we feel it is in the best interest of our clients and staff. In any such situation, we expect service disruption to be temporary. For latest updates from Integration Station, we strongly encourage you to follow us on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

We appreciate you understanding that your Integration Station experience may look different as we navigate through this time together, however we reassure you that the quality of our services will be unwavering. 

We are honored to serve you and your family and look forward to continuing the delivery of services, ensuring that your child continues to PLAY…LEARN…GROW!

Best Regards,

Nicole Cyphert, CEO

Integration Station

It is our intent to continue to provide quality services to our clients in a safe manner by employing extreme precautionary measures during the delivery of care.

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What our patients say

  • “Thanks for your professionalism, consistency and dependability. Most of all, I am grateful for the gentle loving care that you interweave into the clearly thought out and planned structure. As you deliver services to William, it is clear to me that he enjoys the work he does with you and we already see improvement in his writing and his biking skills that we feel are directly linked to your work together and/or recommendations you have made. As a parent, I am pleased with your focus on working goals and getting William to address his OT concerns.”

    William’s Mommy, (OT)

  • “Nicholas and Jessica have come so far in your care. You have taught me how to teach them to handle certain situations they found troubling. You have been my support when I needed answers and reassurances. You have truly been my Godsend.”

    N & J’s Mommy, (OT)

  • “Christine works so well with Michael and is patient with him even on the most difficult days. She has really made an impact on our lives and I see improvements after each session. She always gives me ideas for home and has taught me so much about Michael and his sensory needs. We are very happy to have Christine in our lives.”

    Michael’s Mom, (OT)

  • “Kelly is sweet, knowledgeable and always has new fun activities planned for Conner. She has great patients and understanding. I am learning from her each and every week and look forward to learning more to come.”

    Conner’s Grandma, (OT)

  • “Nicole is my first choice in OT’s especially for those with sensory processing. She is very knowledgeable and hands on with the children and families. She is sensitive to the needs of each individual family and respectful of their decisions regarding their child.”

    Diane, Service Coordinator